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After over ten years of providing educational resources to healthcare providers, mdBriefCase Inc. is excited to bring these resources to the general public through medSchool For You. We have built up partnerships with a number of prominent experts and organizations whose mission is to educate the Canadian public, and medSchool For You is the most effective means to ensure that this vital information is going beyond the doctor's office.

medSchool For You is a part of the mdBriefCase.com family of websites. mdBriefCase Inc. is Canada's leading provider of online continuing education for healthcare professionals, with over 90,000 members using us to keep on top of their rapidly evolving fields of specialty.

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Creating a medSchool For You account takes two minutes, and is completely free! One login grants access to all courses, resources and newsletters on the site.

Peace of mind for your Data

The privacy of our users is one of our utmost concerns, so we use encryption technology to safeguard your data, and don't share any personal information with our partners. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

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All medSchool For You courses are compatible with all major desktop and mobile browsers, and your progress through courses is synchronized between devices. Regardless of how you like to browse your content at different times of the day, medSchool For You will adapt to your screen size!

Proven Results

medSchool For You is not designed as a mere repository of facts to sift through; each course is tailored to impart lasting knowledge at the topic on hand, reinforced through quiz questions and bolstered through additional resources. Compare your pre and post test results to reflect back on how much you've learned.

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